In the way of fast life, big ego, logging for success, getting more and more material things, we forgot about our health, how we feel inside and more importantly our spiritual side of our existence. Our driving essential force in us, our energy, our being.
Purpose of this site is sharing with you our experience and experience of others. We are two friends who will be presenting our knowledge on this site. We will try to give our best in informing you with the healing process in our body and blockages in our energy.

For presenting of our posts we have choosen happy, pastels, not to agressive colors for better enjoyment. Regularly after every post will be one positive thought :)

What is more important in our life? chasing shadows or our peace?
What is your priority?

If you have questions or some suggestions, you can freely write us 🙂


Yours Iheal team. 

Iheal thanks you for sharing!