Eye twitching Causes and Cure!

Muscle  twitching of the lower or upper lid of the eye doctors called – myokymia. Fortunately this condition except that annoys some small muscles and cause spontaneous twitching in nine cases out of ten is not a serious medical problem and usually resolves on its own. This is not serious condition but more of a anoying one.
But what if it not pass? Although twitching or spasm of eye is not dangerous, it should be checked if continues for a longer period of time.

Read the most common reasons for myokymia and learn how to reduce the problem.



Stress is the main reason for spasm of eyelid. It usually takes about a week or during the stressful period in your life. Stress is part of life, so it is important to learn how to cope with it the best way. Learn some relaxation techniques, exercise, more sleep and organize it better.


Many experts believe stimulants like caffeine cause flickering eyelid. Especially when used uncontrollably. If you have recently consumed large quantities of caffeine, it would be better to shorten it. Observe the amount of fluids that enter the body, so while drinking coffee always drink a glass of water.

Lack of magnesium

Deficit in minerals in your body, usually magnesium can cause myokymia. If the problem lasts longer, check the level of magnesium. Eat spinach, almonds or take supplements with this mineral.

Dry eyes

Excessively dry eyes can be a consequence of aging, wearing contact lenses, but can also be a side effect of certain medications. If this is the cause of the vibration of the eyelid, use artificial tears or put a little clean cold water in the eye.


Many habits lead to eyestrain and twitching eyelid. Some common reasons are; going out in summer without sunglasses, avoid wearing glasses diopter, if you need them, long work on the computer. Remember that the eyes have to rest well!


Many people have this problem its a term for grinding the teeth or clenching the jaw, especially in a sleep and it is called Bruxism. Dentists advise if you have this problem use teeth protectors. Meanwhile gently massage the jaw. Relax your face and decrease the problem.

Other potential causes

However, sometimes the twitching for a long period of time can be an indicator of  a severe medical problem. Hypoglycemia, Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, as well as a neurological problem. Well, if you have tried all the above tips and it  not help, go to the doctor!

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