Russian Folk Remedies, Part 1

It may seem odd that Russians treat headaches with carrots and fungal infections with coffee. These recipes are based on 100 years of experience. In the vast Russia often it happened that people have to help themselves, for hundreds of miles there was no doctor or pharmacy. Generations learned how to treat themselves from the experience of seniors with household products and the nature.

Simple cure for gum disease

Dried ginger powder put in the mouth and tongue blend gently on the palate. Do this every day, after every meal, especially if you didn’t had the opportunity to immediately wash the teeth. Ensure that you use ginger after you wash your teeth before bedtime. Perfectly disinfect the mucous membrane, cleans and strengthens gums. You will have fresher breath and morning gums will not bleed. This is an effective remedy for mouth ulcers.

Chamomile and lemon for weight loss

Put in a small jar one full spoon chamomile flower and two slices of lemon to overnight. You need to pour a half cup of  boiled water in the jar, immediately close the jar and cover with a woolen scarf. In the morning liquid should be strained and drunk in small sips, do it before eating in six small portions. For this tea phytotherapist Ama Kalasnikova from Moscow said: “This tea can really contribute to the reduction of weight. Chamomile improves the flow of bile acid and lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is essential for good metabolism. If you regularly drink and not eat too much, you will quickly start to lose weight.”

For immunity

Take 4 cups of yogurt and 150 grams of cooked and smothered pumpkin. All mix well, then add a teaspoon of natural honey. You get a great drink that work extraordinary on digestive system and strengthens the immunity on the whole organism.

Brazilian cure for flu

Grate half an apple and half onion, then add a tablespoon of honey. This is a popular remedy for cold in Brazil. Onion with apple and honey strengthens immunity.

Mixture for strengthening the body and balancing hormones

Grind (best in machine for grinding meat) one cup of dried apricots, a cup of raisins, one cup of dried figs, a cup of prunes (without seeds) and a bowl of nuts. Add  juice of two lemons and a cup of honey. Everything mix well and place in the refrigerator. In the morning, before breakfast, you must take a spoonful of the mixture. Recommended for all who need recovery, and women who want to conceive.

Ointment for faster recovery after surgery

Finely chopped six large apples, to be mixed with 400 grams of fresh pork, lard and put in the oven to melt the fat. In another bowl  put 12 yolks of fresh chicken eggs with a cup of sugar and add grated dark chocolate. Once the fat is melted, join the two mixtures and mix thoroughly. This ointment can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner and be sure to drink hot milk. This recipe is from the famous academician Tohiri for strengthening the body. It is especially suitable for quick recovery of patients operated on a tumor.

Contrast – shower for strength and immunity

When showering in the morning you must try to shower with hot water and immediately afterwards a short cold and hot again and so at least 4 times. End the shower with cold water. It will give cheerfulness, freshness and energy for the whole morning and you will spend only a minute more for this. Russian physicians recommend for everyone, they call contrast shower. Blood vessels in this process they spread and shrink, so quickly blood flows and cleanses toxins accumulated on their walls.

Such shower is great to strengthen the immune system. Do not practice  contrast shower at night because of the excess energy can give and not be able to fall asleep.

Tea to strengthen immunity

At night put in a jar two tablespoons finely sliced walnut leaves and pour it with half a liter of boiled water. Close the jar and cover into woolen blanket to stay warm overnight. The next day drain the tea and place the jar with tea in the refrigerator. Drink every morning 50 ml of tea.

Various anti tumor remedy

Need more often to eat buckwheat porridge, because it cleanses the body of tumor.

– Find flower from potato and boil tea. He is beneficial for oncology diseases. The tea is prepared as follows: three tablespoons potato flower to put in a jar and pour in 1.5 cups of boiling water. Cover the jar and let the tea stand for three hours. Then drink 3 times a day half a cup.

– Japanese shiitake mushrooms are called killers of tumors. They say that at least one month a year daily eat shiitake and you can not have a tumor.

– Get root from burdock (arctium lappa), prepare tea out of it and drink it with honey. Normalizes metabolism and cleanses the body from tumors.


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