5 Common symptoms that should be never ignored

Although most of the pain does not have to be a sign of a serious health problem, certain symptoms do not neglect. See your doctor if you recognize yourself in any of these five signs that may indicate serious health problems.



1. Chest Pain

When you feel chest pain, better safe than sorry. Any chest pain, especially if it is accompanied by sweating, chest tightness, shortness of breath or feeling sick, should immediately be checked by a doctor.

Pain or pressure in the chest may indicate heart disease or heart attack, especially if you feel after physical exercise. It can also mean that you have a clot that moves to your lungs.

If you are accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the chest, and it takes more than a few minutes or goes away and comes back, get help. Do not wait until it subsides by itself.

2. Weakness in arms and legs

If you feel weakness or numbness in the hands, feet or face, it can be a sign of stroke, especially if it is on one side of the body. Additional signs that may indicate a stroke are a difficulty maintaining balance, dizziness or trouble walking.

Quickly seek help if suddenly you can not see well, you feel a headache if you are confused or have trouble speaking or understanding.

Quick response saves lives. Do not wait to see a doctor, seek emergency help. If you get the clot-busting drug within 4.5 hours of the first symptoms, can reduce the risk of long-term disability caused by stroke.

3. The pain in the back of the lower leg

The pain from the back of the legs may be a sign of a blood clot in the leg, or deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This can happen after a long time spent sitting, and after a long plane ride or long lying in bed due to illness. If is a blood clot, you may feel pain when you stand or walk, or notice swelling.

It is normal to feel sensitivity after exercise. But if you see redness, accompanied by a feeling of warmth, with swelling and pain in the leg, call your doctor. To distinguish ordinary muscle pains of venous thrombosis, make a simple test of the so-called. Homan’s sign. Pain that occurs to bending the ankle with the knee extended or when standing up with an outstretched foot usually refers to the appearance of a clot. However, do not rely only on this – if it is warm to the touch, red and swollen on the one hand, seek emergency help. It is important to catch the blood clot before it is released and blocks the flow of blood, which can lead to complications.

4. Blood in the urine

Several things can cause the presence of blood when urinating.

If you have blood in your urine and you feel pain on your side or on your back, you might have kidney stones. A kidney stone is a small crystal made from minerals and salt that forms in the kidneys and moves through the urethra. Most kidney stones eventually pass through the body when you urinate, or sometimes your doctor must remove.

If blood in the urine accompanied by a frequent urge to an emergency trip to the bathroom or feel stinging or pain when urinating, maybe this is a difficult infection of the bladder or kidney. See your doctor, especially if you also have a fever.

If you see blood, but do not to feel any pain, it may be a sign of cancer of the kidney or bladder, so see your doctor at the first opportunity.

5. Wheezing

Breathing problems should be treated immediately. If difficult to breathe or hear a sound like whistling when you breathe, see your doctor. Without urgent intervention, breathing problems can lead to complications if they are ignored and not treated quickly.

Some of the causes may be asthma, lung disease, severe allergies or exposure to chemicals. Your doctor will identify the cause and devise a treatment plan. Breathing difficulties can be caused by pneumonia bronchitis. Coughing whether yellow or green mucus? Do you have a fever or shortness of breath? If so, you may have bronchitis, which can turn into pneumonia. It is time for a doctor’s visit.

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